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slow import of CSV files
Dear Keith,

I do not exactly understand what "in order" means, In your example, I do not know what "ORDER BY 1" does. I suspect, you mean that records are faster to insert if the insert happens in the order of the PRIMARY KEY. Perhaps, this helps indexing algorithm. I am not sure if my CSV files are ordered already, but I can certainly try.

You mention Queen Marry II cache, but I do not know what this means. Large? The numbers from your test indicate that ordering for such cache is irrelevant. Default in sqlite3 shell (ver 3.33) is "-2000", what does minus sign mean? I use the default.

Do I interpret correctly, despite you do not explicitly write, that indeed the slowness is due to enforcement or indexing of the PRIMARY KEY column which can not be temporarily turned off. Should I not declare column as PRIMARY KEY and then, after INSERT finishes, should I create unique index on the column?

Thank you,