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libsql3-dev dependancies issuses
As Richard says, your request is off-topic here.

However, you do have an alternative which is well within the SQLite project's purview. You can get the SQLite sources, and build binaries from it for whatever "dev" purpose you have.  See the <b>[SQLite Download Page](https://sqlite.org/download.html)</b> and <b>[How To Compile SQLite](https://sqlite.org/howtocompile.html)</b>. Once you do so, you may slap your forehead for spending to much time trying to get the OS package manager to "save" you the effort. And if it is not easy enough for you from perusing those docs, help can be readily found here.

That route is probably better from a software control perspective than relying on the vagary of dependence upon decisions of system software repository managers over which you have vanishing little control or influence. I dare say they have concerns and objectives very different from trying to cater to the desire of software developers to use the latest and greatest libraries, particularly when those users have such excellent alternatives. (See above.)