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Get SQLITE_READONLY when using UPDATE command

I am using UWP C++/WinRT in VS 2019 along with winsqlite3.h, .lib, and .dll files provided by MS. The OS is Win10 and the SDK number is 10.0.19041.0 which is just a little behind the latest. The SQLite3 version is SQLITE_VERSION "3.29.0".

From what I have read, it seems to be a permissions problem. I made sure my user has permissions on the database file, and all folders in the path to the file, but since it is in the Public Users folder, I have a problem with it being some folder permission. I could be wrong.

I seem to have a vague memory of reading somewhere that WinRT needs a list of files that it can modify. The database file is in the same folder with all my source code. I may change that later, but for now it is fine where it is at, unless that violates some rule I am not aware of. I will go check if my memory was right after this post. Other than that, I have no other ideas to try. I welcome any other ideas or things to try. Thanks.