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Although I am not the same writer as at first, I can comment.

At least in my case, it is unlikely that any harm would come due to a rogue process in between steps 1 and 2 (although it is not certain). However, disallowing passing `SQLITE_OPEN_EXCLUSIVE` to `sqlite3_open_v2` results in the program being more messy than it ought to be.

I fail to see why passing that flag shouldn't be allowed; I don't know if there is some internal condition in SQLite that somehow won't work as it is currently written. However, it could probably be corrected; if it needs to mask out the flag after it opens the database file at first (in case it needs to use it again for some reason that I don't know), then it might do so. I don't know what other considerations there might be (or even if this is one of them).