SQLite Forum

This is the initial post to the newly established SQLite Forum.
The purpose of this post is to test the system to make sure I have
set it up correctly.

# About

This Forum is powered by [Fossil](https://fossil-scm.org), the
same version-control system that manages the SQLite source code.
See the [Forum Documentation](https://fossil-scm.org/fossil/doc/trunk/www/forum.wiki)
for additional information.

The intent is that this forum will eventually replace the mailing lists.

## Advantages of the Forum

  1.  Improved control of spam.

  2.  Easy for anonymous passers-by to post messages and/or view
      historical content without having
      to sign up.

  3.  Built-in search

  4.  Messages can be formatted using plain-text, Markdown, or Fossil-Wiki.
      Hyperlinks can be embedded.  The message can be previewed prior to

  5.  Messages can be edited if mistakes are discovered after posting.

  6.  Email notification of new content is provided as an option, but is
      not required.

  7.  Mobile friendly 

## Possible annoyances for people who like mailing lists

  1.  Though inbound messages arrive in your email in-box, you cannot
      reply directly via email.  You *must* visit the website in order
      to post a new message.