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extension-functions.c - pre-compiled Windows Binary
> Besides, it seems such as shame that after all the work in producing the source, there is a reluctance in providing pre-compiled binaries therefrom (at least for Windows...

I was with you right up until that statement - which is outright false.

What reluctance?

A very prominent position is held right on the [SQLite downloads](https://sqlite.org/download.html) page for pre-compiled binaries for every main Platform - ESPECIALLY Windows which gets the further preferential treatment of having pre-compiled binaries for all of the CLI (sqlite3.exe), the SQLite Analyzer (analyzer.exe) and both the 32-bit and 64-bit DLL's!

Calling this a "reluctance in providing pre-compiled binaries (at least for Windows..." seems an utterly ignorant thing to say. It's very much the opposite.

If your complaint is that some other people are reluctant to make a pre-compiled binary for you based on your spec and/or some specific extension - why should they? Can we wash your car while we at it?  
So we might not wish to be your slaves, however, every effort was made in sharing the HOW-TO of compiling so that you can achieve your own build, both from the [SQLite website how-to-compile page](https://sqlite.org/howtocompile.html) and on the forum here, where the first reply contained the exact command-line needed for the specific thing that was asked. (Because this post is anonymous I can't tell if you are the same anonymous as the original poster, or a troll, but assuming the former).

PS: There is nothing "common" about the pre-compiled binaries, that's a very Windows-centric way of thinking. Nobody writing SQLite use those as their guiding stars.  If you make ANY build in which some code fails, the people here will be happy to hear about it and fix it. That said - Proving a deficit is certainly easier if the pre-compiled SQLite CLI also chokes on it, but again, those are provided directly on the main download page - it couldn't be more un-reluctant.