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How do create the neat flow diagrams for SQLite?
You need two files from docsrc:

  *  art/syntax/bubble-generator.tcl
  *  art/syntax/bubble-generator-data.tcl

The second file (the "-data.tcl" file) is the one you customize in order
to generate your desired bubble diagrams. The first file is code that
translates your "-data.tcl" file into art.

You will need "wish" (the Tcl/Tk command-line shell) in order to run
the bubble-generator.tcl tool.  And you will need "convert" to translate
the Postscript output from "wish" into GIF.  And you will need "display"
to display the generated GIF for verification.  Summary of third-party
tools needed:

  *  wish
  *  convert
  *  display

I don't recall any other requirements right this moment.