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null character sorts greater than 0x7f and less than 0x80
If, for internal storage, TCL converts strings with embedded nulls into Modified UTF-8, so it can use text with embedded nulls without needing to do the needed workaround to actually force SQLite to handle the embedded nul in the string, that is TCL's business, and it is TCL's responsibility to convert it on reading.

If SQLite doesn't make the change going in, it shouldn't make the change coming out.

It doesn't matter if SQLite has a relationship with TCL, it is not dedicated to TCL, so should not be doing TCLs job for it, or it might break other applications' use of this same encoding trick. Why should SQLite be bent to meet some other language's design intent?

Now, one side effect of using this encoding is that the simple collation sequence the SQLite uses by default will now sort the value 0 between 0x7F and 0x80. If TCL thinks this error is significant, it can either not use the overlong encoding that causes the problem or provide a collation that handles it right. (Maybe it could be argued that SQLite could provide such a collation if the expense isn't that high).