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Two integer overflows in sqlite3VdbeMemSetStr() when built with -DSQLITE_MAX_LENGTH=2147483647
I think this should be treated as a documentation improvement opportunity, with SQLITE_MAX_LENGTH required to be very slightly less than now stated.

Your post reminds me of a bubble-gum wrapper cartoon I saw long ago. The patient tells his doctor, "It hurts when I bang my head like this." The doctor says, "Stop doing that." I'm sure you realize that no system existing now or likely to exist in the next century will be legitimately hindered by the issue you report.

BTW, there is no need to post multiple times just because your first post(s) do not immediately appear in the "Threads" display. Post from new participants go through moderation and there are no full-time moderators. So give it a few hours, particularly for non-pressing problems.