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CBOR Support & challenging DB design problem for keeping history with big schema changes
FWIW, regarding CBOR, this was brought up a long time ago when JSON1 was introduced,  
and it's unlikely to come from the SQLite team itself, given the discussion at the time.  
But nothing prevents you from doing it yourself, JSON1 is an extension,  
and a CBOR extension can be similarly written, using the same techniques  
(a bunch of set-returning functions, i.e. eponymous virtual tables, in *SQLite speak* :))

Sure, JSON1 comes from Richard, and is part of the amalgamation,  
so it has *1st-party* status. But since CBOR1 is unlikely to come  
as 1st-party, then do it as *3rd-party* in OSS, and if it's good,  
and unlike the discussion at the time bring some speed-advantage  
over JSON1, maybe it will pick-up a following. FWIW.