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operator precedence docs missing, suggested clarifications below
There is zero chance anyone will be confused by this.

I happen to care because I'm building a compiler that needs to be compatible but normal people will see the diagram and understand with no difficulty.  All these cases are completely unambiguous.

The only cases were there was real ambiguity before were the relative placement of +/-/~ and NOT.

Think on this a spot and change it maybe never.

fyi: If you're curious what compiler I'm building you can find it at http://cgsql.dev -- it's open source.

If you care you can also read the docs, [chapter 3](https://cgsql.dev/cql-guide/ch03) specifically, to see how I treat this stuff.  You'll note I had `between` wrong -- this will be fixed shortly.  Make no mistake, the sqlite docs are significantly better than mine in every dimension.  Still, another treatment might be interesting to you so there it is if you want it.