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Thousands of SQLite Databases for each user
>Has anyone had experience with something like this? I don't see why it would be hard to scale as it is just singular files that can be easily replicated.

So, I am thinking that you would have some SharedDB for all users to keep track of sharable data, etc. If it's only reads, it should be ok, if you are talking about reading and writing, that would be tough.  Back in 2006 I started a project tracking program with 11 PMs, each with their own DB, plus one shared DB that would update after every PM save.  After multiple broken SharedDB, and lots of code changes checking for DB locks, it worked.  But, that was only 11 users. And I should say that, sometimes, they would try to write at the same time and the write would time out, so it will try again. PRAGMA busy_timeout will be your friend. Again, that was only with 11 PMs.  1000+ users?  I don't think it will work. Imagine if 100 of them write to the DB at the same time.  Anyway, I may have all of this wrong, but that is the input I can give. IHTH.