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Generating documentation
Building the documentation requires that you download the canonical source
tree for both SQLite and the "DocSrc".  You can do this as tarballs, but
you will probably want to use Fossil.

The canonical source code is different from the "snapshot".  The snapshots
are preprocessed sources that are easier to compile.  We make snapshots available
so that people who just what SQLite can get to it easily.  Building the
documentation is more involved.  As far as I know, the documentation builds
only work on Linux.

Pay not attention to the "snapshots".  Nor should you mess with any
GitHub mirrors.  You want to clone these two Fossil repositories:

  *  <https://sqlite.org/src> &rarr; the canonical SQLite source code.
  *  <https://sqlite.org/docsrc> &rarr; the documentation