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Execute changes in Photoshop Elements
> I am trying to edit a data for Photoshop Elements.

> ...

> How do I update the media table? Do I need some SQL to execute?

As I recall, the Photoshop variants are pricey. If it is not (created by a team) clever enough to accommodate removable drive detail changes, Adobe should at least get a support call from such a deficiency, IMO. If they will still talk to you for your money, they may have a ready-made solution.

If you are dedicated to doing this yourself, without the application's intermediation, then you need to study the database schema, write some queries to figure out what can be extracted that remains useful, form the basis of revised data, and test any transformations you devise. Then you will need to write some DML statements to effect the changes. All of that will involve reading and writing some SQL.

If this is a common situation faced by Photoshop users, you might be able to find some help or tools for that specific problem in a Photoshop user's group or something similar.

I have to say that the part of your post I elided meant virtually nothing to me other than indicating that much more detail would be needed before you could reasonably expect an answer here. SQLite's use in Photoshop does not mean that you should expect to find Photoshop SQLite database expertise here. Your problem is very specific to one application's use of the DB engine.