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Feature Request: Support for statement-level triggers
Is there a technical reason why SQLite supports only row-level triggers?  
I have *features* of my app that depend on statement-level triggers in  
other RDBMS, and the fact it's not supported in SQLite is a bummer.

The fact statement-level triggers fire only once, allow those features  
to be *constant time*, whether the statement affects one row or one million.  
One can of course use a row-level one, and somehow ignore all those other  
calls, but it's both less efficient, and I'm missing the *conclusion* of the  
statement too, similar to how an aggregate function needs to *finalize* at the end.

SQLite is growing very advanced features all the time, thus I'm curious  
as to why statement-level triggers are kinda neglected like this. TIA.

PS: I personally thing it's a mistake to assume SQLite's only use case is embedded.  
I of course embed SQLite, but also assume direct access to the DBs via the official  
SQLite shell. Thus putting as much logic is the DB itself is actually quite important IMHO.