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incremental_vacuum and WAL size

incremental_vacuum and WAL size

(1) By Alan (abarr5) on 2021-03-22 19:56:55 [link] [source]


I noticed some behaviour I thought was a little peculiar when I was profiling WAL file sizes.

For a previously populated, but now empty database, calling incremental_vacuum is prone to push a lot of pages through the WAL.

However, executing many small incremental_vacuum(N)s to remove the same number of free pages results in significantly less pages being moved through the WAL.

I've included a script to demonstrate this below.

This script populates the database with 100 rows of 1 MB data, then deletes them.

This produced a database with:

Page Count: 24482 Freelist Count: 24206

When a single incremental_vacuum was called to remove all the pages the result is a lot pages moved through the WAL:

Total pages written to WAL: 23777 Total pages moved to DB: 23777

When incremental_vacuum(200) was called 122 times the WAL file stats are:

Total pages written to WAL: 544 Total pages moved to DB: 544

This was run using: SQLite3 version: 3.31.1

I'll admit that I haven't went near the source code to try and make sense of it. But I guess I was wondering if the above behaviour is expected?

#! /usr/bin/env python3

import sqlite3
import os
import sys

def print_versions():
    print(f"SQLite Python Module Version: {sqlite3.version_info}")
    print(f"SQLite3 version: {sqlite3.sqlite_version}")

class ScenarioHandles:
    def __init__(self):
        self.connection = None
        self.cursor = None

def _checkpoint_truncate(handles):
    handles.cursor.execute("PRAGMA wal_checkpoint(TRUNCATE);")

# Returns - (written to WAL, moved to db)
def _checkpoint_passive(handles):
    handles.cursor.execute("PRAGMA wal_checkpoint(PASSIVE);")
    row = handles.cursor.fetchone()
    return (row[1], row[2])

def _get_pages_usage(handles):
    handles.cursor.execute("PRAGMA page_count;")
    page_count = handles.cursor.fetchone()[0]
    handles.cursor.execute("PRAGMA freelist_count;")
    freelist_count = handles.cursor.fetchone()[0]

    used_count = page_count - freelist_count
    print(f"Page Count: {page_count} Freelist Count: {freelist_count}")
    return freelist_count

def _incremental_vacuum(handles, pages):
    handles.cursor.execute(f"PRAGMA incremental_vacuum({pages});")

def _write_100(handles, num_rows=100):
    print("Writing rows...")

    mb = 10 ** 6
    one_mb_data = "x" * mb

    for i in range(num_rows):
            "INSERT INTO Data (PrimaryKey, Stuff) VALUES (?, ?);",

def _delete_100(handles):
    print("Deleting rows...")
    start_row = 0
    end_row = 99
    for i in range(start_row, end_row):
        handles.cursor.execute("DELETE FROM Data WHERE PrimaryKey = ?;", (i,))

def setup_database(db_file):

    handles = ScenarioHandles()
    os.makedirs(os.path.dirname(db_file), exist_ok=True)

    if os.path.exists(db_file):

    handles.connection = sqlite3.connect(db_file)
    handles.cursor = handles.connection.cursor()

    handles.cursor.execute("PRAGMA auto_vacuum=2;")
    handles.cursor.execute("PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL;")

        PrimaryKey INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,
        Stuff TEXT);


    handles.cursor.execute("PRAGMA wal_autocheckpoint(0);")

    # Bomb out early for manual testing
    # sys.exit(0)

    return handles

def big_incr_vacuum():
    db_file = "db/test_big.db"
    handles = setup_database(db_file)


    print("Starting one big incremental vacuum")
    _incremental_vacuum(handles, 0)
    (written_to_wal, moved_to_db) = _checkpoint_passive(handles)

        f"Total pages written to WAL: {written_to_wal} Total pages moved to DB: {moved_to_db}"

def small_incr_vacuum():
    db_file = "db/test_small.db"
    handles = setup_database(db_file)

    free_pages = _get_pages_usage(handles)

    incr_vaccum_pages = 200
    steps = int(free_pages / incr_vaccum_pages) + 1
        f"Starting {steps} calls to incremental_vacuum with {incr_vaccum_pages} pages"

    written_to_wal = 0
    moved_to_db = 0

    for s in range(steps):
        _incremental_vacuum(handles, 200)
        (to_wal, to_db) = _checkpoint_passive(handles)

        written_to_wal = written_to_wal + to_wal
        moved_to_db = moved_to_db + to_db

        f"Total pages written to WAL: {written_to_wal} Total pages moved to DB: {moved_to_db}"

if __name__ == "__main__":

(2) By Dan Kennedy (dan) on 2021-03-23 11:28:29 in reply to 1 [source]

I think it's because SQLite needs to spill its page cache midway through the big incr-vacuum operation.

As it does the incremental vacuum, SQLite is marking each free page removed from the end of the file as dirty. If it flushes these out at the end of the transaction, when it knows the db image is about to be truncated, then it is smart enough not to write to the wal file any pages that will be truncated away anyway. But, if the cache fills up mid-transaction, then SQLite just starts writing dirty pages to the wal file. Including those that would be discarded at commit time when the database image is being truncated.

So the big incr-vacuum, because it overflows the page-cache, ends up writing lots of pages to the wal file that the series of small incr-vacuum operations do not.

You could confirm by adding something like the following to the big incr-vacuum case:

    PRAGMA cache_size = 30000;

With the larger cache size no extra pages should be written to the wal file.

There's an optimization opportunity here of course. I think it may cases, these pages should not be being marked as dirty in the first place.

(3) By Alan (abarr5) on 2021-03-23 18:54:04 in reply to 2 [link] [source]

Thanks for your explanation, makes sense to me :)

I tried your suggestion of bumping the cache_size in my test script and your theory checks out.

For anyone interested:

For the single big incremental vacuum:

Page Count: 24482 Freelist Count: 24206
Starting one big incremental vacuum
Total pages written to WAL: 247 Total pages moved to DB: 247
Page Count: 247 Freelist Count: 0

And for repeated small vacuums:

Page Count: 24482 Freelist Count: 24206
Starting 122 calls to incremental_vacuum with 200 pages
Total pages written to WAL: 544 Total pages moved to DB: 544
Page Count: 247 Freelist Count: 0