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Not Equal Operator
> You are misusing quotes.
Thanks for the tip.

>Double quotes are for names that contain whitespace. Neither your table name nor >any of the column names require them. Sometimes SQLite will accept a literal >enclosed in double quotes, because doing so makes sense in the context and SQLite >is being nice. For best results, don't use double quotes unless you are being >force fed multi word table and/or column names. 

Actually this is output of sql statement generator. In real app identifiers are UUID (testTable, testColumn, etc.) Therefore, generator adds quotation to all identifiers because of minus character. I've converted generated statement's UUID identifiers to names in here for sake of readability, 

> Single quotes are for string literals. Always use single quotes for string literals.

Actually I'm using query parameters (?) for that in code. So I don't get involved with string literals actually. SQLite connection library handles that. for me. I have changed ? with value for this post.

>Also, comparing NULL to anything results in NULL, which is NOT TRUE.
NULL comparisons are done by IS operator. No problem there. Test result regarding NULL types are fine.

>BTW: VARCHAR(36) is read as type TEXT, check https://sqlite.org/datatype3.html

Yea I'm aware of that I add them like type annotation that help me figure out the types of that columns. It's kinda for debugging.

Can you see anything problematic with regards to Not Equal operator's odd behavior ?