SQLite Forum

The [Fossil Forum][ff] is a better venue for discussing feature requests
for the forum software itself, I think.  That avoids cluttering the inbox
of people who only want to hear about SQLite.

We are quite open to suggestions, and especially patches, for improving
the forum software.  One of the (unmentioned) advantages of Forum over
mailing-list is that is under more control of the development team.  We
are no longer dependent on a third-party provider for improvements - we
can make them ourselves.

Note that since the forum software is BSD-licensed instead of public domain
like SQLite, it is much easier for people to contribute patches.  We will
need a Contributors License Agreement from the patch provider, certifying
that the contributed patch complies with the BSD license.  But the extensive
documentation needed before contributing to the public domain is avoided.
There are many more contributors to Fossil than to SQLite, therefore.  You
are welcomed to increase that number.

[ff]: https://fossil-scm.org/forum