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Confused about blobs
I am confused about how to deal with blobs. Reading through the documentation I find references to operations like sqlite3_open_blob, sqlite3_write_blob,... and examples that use bind like sqlite3_bind_blob.

My question is which technique should I use, bind or open/write/read? the documentation about blobs seems to favor bind, but open write, read seems more intuitive.

What I am doing is writing a C program for work to replace our manual paper test reports with a sqlite database that has the same, and all related data, in one sqlite file. Some of the data is auto generated by a C program that analyzes the data. Most of the fields are normal integer, reals, text, of which I have no issues. 

One part of the processing program generates some graphs of the test data. The graphs are converted into a PNG image which I want to put into a blob that is part of the record for that data set. Currently we have data and graphs spread out over dozens of folders. One machine can generate more than a hundred images and has become a nightmarish task to find stuff. Such is why I am trying to convert our manual system to a sqlite database file that contains all information for a specific machine.

I just cannot seem to get working with blobs to work. Using a browser such as DB Browser for sqlite, I can copy/paste an image into a blob field. But I want to do this programmatically (in my C program that created the data) without the need for one of the technicians to open a program and copy/paste.

So assume a C function being passed a pointer to an array of bytes that is the image I want to put into the current record blob field. The database is already open and is an external variable. Assume the db has a field called imageblob that I want to put the bytes of the image into.

sqlite3 *db;

int myfunction_writeblob(char *image, long bytes_in_image)
  { ... }

What is the recommended technique for putting the bytes into the blob (and the converse reading them out)?

One problem with the documentation is that there is so much information it is hard to tell what is important and what is not. Would be nice to have a brief how-to C example for doing basic blob handling in the documentation., or if it already exists, make it easier to find.