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Does table have rowid?
>but it not exposed by the introspection pragma's ...

That's a pity.

Therefore, the only way is to <i>select rowid from table;</i> and success will indicate its presence and failure will indicate its absence. 

Some uncertainties I need to explore hands-on:

1. Can the rowid column (implicitly added unless WITHOUT ROWID is added when the table is created) can be renamed. 

2. Can the user create a like named rowid column containing other than an auto increment value? Then, would there be TWO rowid columns, one hidden and one not? 

3. Do views have the rowid column?

The objective is to retrieve tables in batches of n records with a sql such as this:

int n = 100 // batches of 100 records
int m = 0;  // rowid starts with 1
while (test returning failure)
      select * from my table where rowid > n limit n;
m = m + n