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[Feature Request] split string table-valued function
> That will be quite slow for larger datasets

It takes milliseconds in my case, no biggy. Not a lot of data.

> If a "split()" ... did exist .. could .. speed it up significantly

Indeed. And that's precisely why I requested it!!!

Using the CTE is jumping to significant hoops to split a string into rows IMHO.  
Yes, such data is denormalized, but unfortunately that's very common...

> if there is a precedent in Postgres

There is, via [`unnest(string_to_array(col, sep))`][SO]  
I.e. first to an array (I wish SQLite had native arrays like PostgreSQL :)),  
then one uses the [`unnest`][UN] table-valued function (`RETURNS SETOF`).

[UN]: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/functions-array.html
[SO]: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29419993/split-column-into-multiple-rows-in-postgres