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Possible bug in group_concat() ?
As I read the code which implements group_concat(), I do not see why it does this. It does appear to be a bug, and it is somewhat alarming as well. (It makes me wonder what happens when the effect is more pronounced.)

As you likely know, group_concat( whatever, separator ) is normally used with a fixed separator rather than one which can change with each member of the aggregate. This is why such strange behavior has escaped notice for so long.

I will take a look at this running under a debugger.

(Update via edit:)

It is pretty clear why this happens. As the window moves, concatenated values are being removed from the front of the accumulation and the wrong separator (off by 1) values are "removed". I'm devising a fix that does not penalize the common, non-varying separator case while handling the weird, varying separator case.