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I suppose the biggest issue is that there isn't a 'Type Code' that could easily be used to indicate that the column is storing a Decimal value., so there would be a major binary format incompatibility to create the type. 

One way to try to sneak in such a type would be to take one of the two reserved for internal use code, but SQLite3 might need those,

Or I suppose we could use a negative number and reduce the size of the maximum string/blob by a byte (they they allow values that big), These would say that it would take 17 bytes in the database to store a Decimal64 number.

Another option I suppose is to make it a second class citizen, which is stored in the database as a blob or string, but such a field could be cast to DECIMALFLOAT, and then math is done as decimal float numbers, and then either sent to the calling program as such a type or converted to some other type.