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SQLite irrespective query
I am trying to retrieve the data from the table shoppers. I have to retrieve the shoppers who joined the company after 01-01-2020, and all woman irrespective of when they joined. how can I create the query to meet this 2 conditions .

SELECT shopper_first_name, shopper_surname, shopper_email_address,IFNULL(gender, 'Not known' ) AS 'Gender',STRFTIME('%d-%m-%Y', date_joined) AS 'date_joined', STRFTIME('%Y',date('now'))- STRFTIME('%Y',date(date_of_birth)) AS 'Age'
FROM shoppers
HAVING gender = 'M'
AND date_joined >= '2020-01-01' 
ORDER BY gender,Age DESC; 

In works for all shoppers but I don't know how to do woman irrespective.

Thank You in advance