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.selecttrace unknown and strange errors
> I fail to reproduce the error with OLD and NEW. The Ubuntu update has changed something.

You wrote earlier:

> Nope. SQLite wasn't updated. I am running a debug version as was instructed by Mr. Hipp in the local directory. ./sqlite3

That's only the shell, not the library. If if's linked to the Ubuntu-installed `libsqlite3` then you are still using the library Ubuntu installed. The easiest way to determine whether that's the case is to run:

ldd ./sqlite3

From the directory where you have your sqlite3, to check which libraries it's linking against.

Also don't forget that "." is *not* in the PATH on Linux by default like it is on Windows (and, generally speaking, should never be added to the PATH on Unix-style systems). What that means is that if you are running it like:

sqlite3 ...

instead of:

./sqlite3 ...

then you are almost certainly running the system-installed version instead of your local copy.