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SELECT skips empty fields ?
<blockquote>What do you mean by "skip everything" and "get stuck". Do you mean like a car getting stuck in the mud (or snow) and not going anywhere anymore?.</blockquote>
Pretty-much that, yes.

When I grab the first screen-full of rows (order by ascending - no "where" clause) and than try to get the next batch from there I get a blank screen (zero results).   

When I grab the last screen-full of rows (order by descending - again no "where" clause) and try to get the previous batch from there I get the same batch again.  The wheels are spinning but I'm not going anywhere. :-\ 

But you are responding as if the above is new to you.  Am I really the first one here who tries to browse thru an sqlite3 DB and is running into these problems ?  Blimy...