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Old Nabble SQLite mailing list site down?
Nabble was never a part of the SQLite infrastructure.  The organisation subscribed to the mailing list and made it available on the web, but it did this to numerous mailing lists on different subjects.  If you feel it provides a useful service you might approach the people who run Nabble with your concerns.

As far as preserving all posts from the old mailing list, *and making them available for search on the web*, I'm not sure it's a good idea.  They refer to increasingly antiquated versions of SQLite, and many of the answers are now simply not true.  For instance, WAL mode was introduced in 2010.  Many posts on the mailing list discuss solutions and workarounds which are now not needed, because WAL does it all simpler and better.  There have been other significant changes to SQLite and surrounding technologies (e.g. solid state storage rather than spinning hard disks)  and some old questions would now be answered very differently.