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User -efined functions in the CLI?
> which is very much not possible currently

That is actually untrue.  You can export symbols from an executable (such as the CLI).  You do not actually need to name the "shared object" with a .dll or .so extension if you do not want to do so.  You can call it "ThumpingGiraff.Eaters" and STILL have it be the CLI application and STILL export symbols for external use.

I suspect that what the OP is asking is whether the CLI has a "CREATE FUNCTION" command and a compiler.  The answer is no.  However, the CLI does "contain" sqlite3_create_function and calls it quite fine for defining functions such as date(), time(), datetime(), strftime(), sin(), cos(), etc, etc, as specified in the documentation.

Although you can type "sqlite3_create_function" at the CLI user interface, it will have no different effect than if you type that phrase into a word processor.