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Execute changes in Photoshop Elements
I am a new user of SQLite (or have forgotten what I learnt a number of years ago); mea culpa rules at my age.

I am trying to edit a data for Photoshop Elements.

I am working on a copy of the *db file; will over write the proper *db file when all running correctly.

The database is catalog.pse17db. I have found that the volume_table needs a number of changes.

Firstly the D: is no longer holding my images; these are now held on my H: drive. So I need to change the serial of all the records that refer to the old D: The new D: is an SD Card with serial 19088743; the volume_table records it as 961743104 giving a filter of 173. I assume that 961743104 is the serial of the now defunct D: HDD.

The new H: is a serial of 1114066568 giving a filter of 1774182. I have changed the volume table by amending the D:l to 19088743. When I close then reopen the db file my changes to the volume_table are shown but the media _table needs updating. 

But I need to change the volume_id in the media_table from 173 to the new H; filter 1774182.

How do I update the media table? Do I need some SQL to execute?