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SQLite CLI - What is the maximum length of a command?
I created a test file that contains one line of SQL text that is 48,918 bytes
long.  The file was basically this:

    INSERT INTO t1(x) VALUES('... 48890 bytes of text ...');
    SELECT x, length(x) FROM t1;
    SELECT length(x) FROM t1;

I am able to "[.read][1]" that file and it works fine for me.  Perhaps we
could help you better if you were more specific about your problem:

  *  What version of SQLite are you using?
  *  Did you compile it yourself, or did somebody else compile it for you?
  *  What operating system are you running on?
  *  What is the input file that you are using?
  *  Specifically what commands did you try?

[1]: https://www.sqlite.org/draft/cli.html#reading_sql_from_a_file