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I ran across this error on this exact course.  I used the DROP TABLE IF EXISTS for both tables and started over.  I wanted to replicate what I did as it worked after a lot of back and forth once I dropped the tables and started over. Not sure if something got messed up from the copy and paste from the text file with the query's or I messed up something playing around.  I tried to replicate the error again but was not able to.  I was only able to get the same error when in "World" database and attempted to run the query.  Not sure if user error or not but dropping all tables and starting over fixed my issue with the same error.  I noticed the instructor is using a Mac and I am using a Windows PC.  SQLiteStudio doesn't seem to like running on my machine and has quit suddenly a couple of times or behaved a little odd.  Not sure if that could contribute as well.  Mine quit suddenly in the middle of the error you and I both had and I had to restart the program.  Could all be related somehow.  Good luck.