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Attaching to DB *AFTER* Transaction started
What is supposed to happen in that case?

Can the attach fail, if the attached-to DB is already locked by another TX?

I have an SQLite-backed server, which shards data (*by-project*) across DBs,  
and when I start a transaction, I cannot know in advance all DBs involved in  
the transaction (start-tx and writes are in separate client messages), and I  
don't recall reading anything in the doc about that particular corner-case,  
which happens to be pretty important to me, I now realize. I could well have  
missed it in the doc though... specific doc pointers welcomed.

I could test it I guess, but *current-behavior* is not the same as *documented*  
and *supported* behavior, thus this question (to Richard and Dan mostly).

I'm still in JOURNAL mode, but plan to switch to WAL soon, in case it matters.