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compiling extensions for Windows x64 with mingw-w64
Are you using reverse-solstice path names rather than solstices?  Note that the documentation says that the name is manufactured from the characters between the last '/' and the next thereafter following '.' converted to lowercase.

If the filename uses \\ instead of / then this will not work because there is no / so trying to load \\dinky\\hocker\\shoots\\smack.dll will result in looking for the entry point sqlite3_\\dinky\\hocker\\shoots\\smack_init which does not exist.  You would have to load /dinky/hocker/shoots/smack.dll so that the correct entry point name sqlite3_smack_init is used.  Or specify the entry point name by manual.

I believe this has been fixed but perhaps not in the sqlite3.dll that you are using since it is likely an "old" version.