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Clarification re parameters needed.
I am very new to SQLite3 in terms of sqlite3.c amalgamation, started this project late march, I if have created a working non visible component for c++ builder, so far it is functioning very well with the functions implemented.

How does this work? 

@AAAA	An "at" sign works exactly like a colon, except that the name of the parameter created is @AAAA.

What I mean by my question is, does the sqlite engine give a name to the parameter like @some_name_1 or, if using the @ symbol, should the programmer provide the name 'some_name' and the engine assigns a number in the case of the ':AAA'

Need to understand this to use in a function I have as per example 

if (dbPropertyResult.empty())
	throw Exception("Field types have not yet been obtained for parameter bindings");

	std::auto_ptr<TSQLiteParameters> param(new TSQLiteParameters);

	param->ColumnName = ColumnName;

	if (FParamFromColName)
		param->ParamName = ":" + param->ColumnName; 
		param->ParamName = ":" + IntToStr((int)Params.size());

	param->ParamValue = Value;
	param->ColumnType = FieldType;

	pName = param->ParamName;

	String type;

	//get the column type from the dbPropertyResult vector using column name
	if (FindType(ColumnName, type))
		param->ColumnType = type;