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Proposed slightly-incompatible change to date-time functions
> Numeric arguments are no longer interpreted as Julian Date numbers. 

No.  REAL values are interpreted as Julian Dates and INT values are
interpreted as unix timestamps.  Do you know of an application that
stores an unix timestamp as a REAL or a Julian date as an INT?  I do
not.  So, I'm wondering if the change will have any impact at all.

>  all pre-existing code that depends on the current behaviour \[must be\] modified

The only applications that would need to be modified are those that
store Julian Dates as INT, or that store Unix timestamps from the first
three months of 1970 as REAL.
Do you know of any such applications?  I'm guessing that the number
of such applications is zero, at least to a good approximation.  Do
you know of any counter-examples?