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Issues with sqlite3IsNaN() and HAVE_ISNAN
Thank you. You're correct, and the problem is so obvious in hindsight.

It _appears_ that if I keep the database file "RISC OS-exclusive" then it returns the correct data, but naturally that's not ideal. In any case I need to run some more tests to see whether there are still some subtle bugs lurking elsewhere (I actually found this current one while running SQL Logic Test).

Apparently I'm not the only person to make this mistake. There's an [old port of 3.3.6](https://www.reallysmall.co.uk/Pages/categories/riscos/database/sqlite.php) that I've just tested, and unfortunately it exhibits the same issue.

I can at least confirm that the new check-in fixes the `isnan()` problem. Thank you for the fast turnaround.