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Are there any plans / chances of supporting a RETURNING clause?
No.  The filesystem posts an event to an event semaphore.  

This has nothing to do with the gooey application running on top of the Operating System.

The "Windows Gooey" is merely a WIMP interface running on top of the OS/2 New Technology (aka NT) Operating System (in previous incarnations it was a WIMP application running on top of DOS) much like X is a WIMP application that runs on top of Linux.

The operation of such events does not require a WIMP gooey and there is nothing which prevents the WIMP application (nor any application) from utilizing system services.

* Technically, X is not a GUI.  X is a presentation system on which various other stuff runs that provides the "window manager" and "shell services"; much like the display layer in "Windows" is called the GDI layer, and on top of that runs a bunch of other stuff that provides the "window manager" and the "shell services".

Microsoft has gone even further and wrapped the GDI layer and "window manager" and "shell services" with yet more gigabytes of layers of cruft which go by a variety of names which change on a daily basis though the underlying Operating System and GDI have remained relatively unchanged for several decades.