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lemon - optional namespace support
> The IP organization behind SQLite can't legally accept it

You seem to imply lemon.c is legally part of SQLite.

But given how it's nowhere to be found in the amalgamation,  
that's not exactly obvious IMHO. I seem to recall DRH accepting  
fixes to Lemon in the past. This may be a little different, since  
it's a new feature, not a fix, still Lemon may have more leeway  
for external contributions, than SQLite proper.

In any case, DRH is not convienced yet. I do believe better support  
for C++ in Lemon-generated code is a good idea, and namespaces are  
an important tool in C++ (not a new one). Perhaps there are other work  
arounds as Richard suggest, but then don't seem readily available, while  
direct support in the code makes it _obvious_ how to gain that support.

Is the initial impetus for the patch avoiding global symbols?  
Or to support several grammars in the same library?  

Perhaps better stating of goals might sway Richard. FWIW.