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COUNT statement returns inconsistent values when used with UNION ALL
> This problem seems to be introduced by de9ed6293de53e89b7c37e7de9a8697d86d7f619

That's not a hash from the sqlite project:

[stephan@nuc:~/fossil/sqlite3]$ fossil time -n 1
=== 2021-04-04 ===
23:56:15 [ad718388a1] Fix an assert() in sqlite3BtreeLast() that needs an "|| CORRUPT_DB" term. Dbsqlfuzz case b92b72e4de80b5140c30ab71372ca719b8feb618. (user: drh tags:
--- entry limit (1) reached ---


[stephan@nuc:~/fossil/sqlite3]$ fossil whatis de9ed6293de53e89b7c37e7de9a8697d86d7f619
unknown:    de9ed6293de53e89b7c37e7de9a8697d86d7f619