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SQLite3.exe fails to handle huge multi-line-comment
## What happened

I generated a text file which starts with a huge multi-line comment of about 258000 lines and contains the following 46000 sql statements to execute.

## Appearance

>sqlite3.exe version
SQLite version 3.36.0 2021-06-18 18:36:39
Enter ".help" for usage hints.
>sqlite3.exe TagList-ua.sqb ".read sql-command.sql"

This command (Windows OS) did not finish within 15 minutes before I aborted it.

## Solution

When I delete the huge comment block from the .sql file and reduce the number of comment block lines to e.g. 15, then the sql statements, which are framed with a transaction begin and end, completes within 1 second.

With 16000 lines of multi-line-comment the execution took still some few seconds; but at least did the intended job.

## Complaint

Skipping multi-line-comments is not performant and can almost inhibit its use.

## Question

Why does processing the /* multi-line-comment */ take soooo much time? Can this be improved with next SQLite3 version 3.37 ?