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Feature request: Stored Procedures
> The same goes for Triggers - easy to implement in application code. And who needs things like Foreign Keys - it is not as if that could not be implemented in an application. (That was sarcasm - sorry).

Sarcasm? really? we couldn't tell.  The problem here is your sarcasm proves the opposite point than which you are trying to make.
Triggers in program code is impossible (rephrasing - exquisitely difficult). So is foreign key maintenance. By contrast, scripts inside Triggers and UDF's are both very easy to add and any other processing in your code is as easy as how good a programmer you are.

> There is a lot of functionality in SQLite that not everyone needs or uses. A lot of people will never use FTS (I do), others will never need Geopoly (I don't).

The truth is that very many people use FTS and so it is included in the standard builds (but you can exclude it), as opposed to Geopoly that has to be included if you wish to use it, precisely because not many implementations use it. Both of these however are based on the virtual table mechanism (always included) and infinitely less complex than would be a scripting language for stored procedures.

Furthermore, such an inclusion as stored procedures wouldn't be able to be an add-on or loadable library, it would have to form intricate part of the main engine code and cause a lot of bloat and added processing, something punishing all of us for a thing which very few of us have real use for in SQLite.

I'll say this: There are a couple of requests like this almost every year, so you are not alone, but even tens of requests per year likely won't move the needle. 

I'm not saying it won't be "nice" to have, just saying the gain-vs-input efficiency ratio is way too low currently. Don't lose hope though, we've seen lots of other claimed-to-be-bloaty additions making it into SQLite over time, such as Backup tooling, CTE's, Window functions, and the very recent RETURNING clause. That said, they all either had been requested much more (possibly monetary requests too), or took much less complexity/effort to add.