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Anton Dyachenko
Please explain what you mean by 'migration'.  What does your software do for each 'migration' ?

Is the database stored on a disk in the computer doing the processing, or is it accessed across a network ?

Do you have more than one connection accessing the same database at the same time ?

Do you have more than one thread using the same connection at the same time ?

> in the initial schema we had a view with the name say XXX, but after massive migrations, we removed this view and created a table with the same name XXX

Having a table and a view with the same name has proved to cause problems in the past.  Can you rewrite some of your code to avoid it ?

> one more note, that might be related to the issue, my app uses custom vfs(based on 5.12 qt) that we know has issues with flushing/syncing data to disk as a trade-off for performance but likely this is not related in this case due to db browser has the recent schema

When you access the database with a database browser for diagnosing your problem, are you using that same VFS ?  If not, does your custom VFS understand the locking that the other VFS might be using to access the same database ?