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Feature request: Import csv into a table with generated columns
The [doc on this shell feature](https://sqlite.org/cli.html#csv) shows what is happening. I agree that it would be more convenient if the .import could figure out which columns in the receiving table are susceptible to update, then try the insert if the .csv has the right column count. It is unlikely to do something that sophisticated, which would require parsing the schema.

If your .csv had a column-name header, it would .import **very easily** into a to-be-created temp table, from which an INSERT statement with a select can take values from that temp table. This can also be easily written. This ease and modularity takes some of the steam out of creating .import enhancements.

In my enhanced shell, when '.header always' is in effect, the .import creates INSERT statement(s) using the .csv (or .tsv) header to name incoming columns, without being picky about mapping them one-to-one with receiving table columns. This is convenient when columns have default or generated values and the file data is short some column(s) as in your case. Unfortunately, I have fallen behind on keeping that shell updated with the last year of enhancements made to shell.c published by the SQLite project.