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cannot create tables in sqlitestudio than other apps can see
You are confusing the folder that your program files (including DLLs) are in and the folder that the database file is in.  The two things have nothing to do with one-another.

You are also confusing yourself with different versions of Windows, and with with firewalls.  Neither of those things have anything to do with your problem, which is far more simple.

I still don't think you understand how to specify a full path in Windows correctly.

In the program you're using, try specifying the full path of your database file to *both* programs.  All the way from the <code>C:</code> down to whatever folder you want your database file in.  When you have used each program to create a new database file, go check the timestamp on that file and verify that that file really was created by whatever it is you just did.  Use both. programs to create new database files using explicit paths and check to see that they can both do it, and both really. are creating their own new database files.

If it doesn't work when you try to create databases on <code>C:</code>, use a Flash drive instead, and specify the full path to a folder on that Flash drive.  You should be able to read and write files on a Flash drive on whatever computer the drive is in.

Only when you've got both programs to create new database files, try accessing the same file from both programs.