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FYI: Personal Data Warehouses: Reclaiming Your Data
Replying to myself, now that I have read the article, the first thing coming to mind is [perkeep](https://perkeep.org/).

DS and PK seem to both have a go at the same kind of thing, although from different angles. PK is more looking at the storage and having that under control. It has indexing and searching, however that is a custom language and limited to what the PK engine is indexing.

DS OTOH looks to me to be all about the indexing, and the searching/analysis. Where the data sources live is not as important, only that they can be indexed (converted to sqlite) in some way, and then datasette can have a go at it.

As another connection, the article mentions Wireguard/Tailscale for personal mesh networking. The main PK developer,
[Brad Fitzpatrick works at Tailscale](https://bradfitz.com/2020/01/30/joining-tailscale).