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Aliased function result with the same name issue
[Here](https://www.mail-archive.com/sqlite-users@mailinglists.sqlite.org/msg94070.html) is a comment made by Richard Hipp back in 2015 on using aliased columns in a `WHERE` clause:

>This is not valid SQL, actually.  For clarity, here is the (invalid)
>SQL reformatted:
>   `SELECT a+b AS x FROM t1 WHERE x=99;`
>You are not suppose to be able to access the "x" alias within the WHERE clause.
>Yes, I know that SQLite allows this.  But it does so grudgingly, for
>historical reasons.  It is technically not valid.  Note that none of
>MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, nor SQLServer allow statements like the
>Because the SQL is technically not valid, I am less inclined to spend
>a lot of time trying to optimize it.
>I really wish there was a way for me to fix this historical
>permissiveness in SQLite without breaking millions of (miscoded)
>iPhone/Android apps.  I'd do so if I could.