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SQLite: -tabs option is missing
SQLite has a built-in 'tabs' mode. But it is not exposed as a command line option.

sqlite3.exe version 3.33.0 has options for all the other modes: `-box`, `-html`, `-markdown`, etc. But not `-tabs`.

And this causes various workarounds because providing a TAB character on the command line is not so straightforward.

`sqlite3 mydb "select * from table1" | tr \| '\t'`

`sqlite3 -separator $'\t' mydb "select * from table1"`
($ tells shell to expand \\t to a TAB character)

sqlite3 mydb <<EOF
.mode tabs
select * from table1;

Neither of these solutions work on Windows.

It should be very easy to implement the `-tabs` option. And I believe it will make life easier for many people.