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Linkage #defines are unused
(Following up on my post #13:)

Upon review, it appears that all of those linkage and calling convention marker macros are used at one time or another.<sup>1</sup> So the only remaining action that I see is to make the comment describing them more precise.

Because the amalgamation is generated, it may make sense to suppress the appearance of those macros which are unused in a particular generated form of the code, or say "reserved" for the ones not used in the file following. I do agree that the significance of each one should be documented so as to not impose needless work, concern, or effort searching code to discern meaning.

I presume such a resolution would satisfy your inquiry on this subject.


1. In addition to the amalgamation dropped for releases, the project support several variations of its generation process. So the "published" (dropped) amalgamation does not tell the whole story on those interface macro.