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Unexepected commit result with two threads application

1. [Clone SQLite using Fossil and open it into a check-out directory][1].

2. Say:

        fossil up version-3.16.2
        fossil bisect good
        fossil up version-3.17.0
        fossil bisect bad
        ./configure --with-whatever-args-you-need

3. `make sqlite3.c`

4. Copy `sqlite3.c` (the amalgamation) to wherever you build from normally, build and test your project, and make a verdict.

5. Either say `fossil bisect good` or `fossil bisect bad` to record your verdict and get a new version to test.

6. If Fossil reports that the bisect is complete, skip to next step; else goto 3.

7. Say `fossil status` and send the result here.

However, realize that there's a fair chance that the behavior was changed on purpose and won't be changed back. Examining the commit comment for the version reported in step 7 or the commit diff might help you to understand which is the case.

[1]: https://sqlite.org/src/doc/trunk/README.md