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Serious Sqlite command line Problems after Windows 10 update
> I created a simple text file test.sql with just one sqlite command .Help
> and at the command prompt typed
> sqlite3 <test.txt

This command should have resulted in a locale correct version of "The system cannot find the file specified.".  If it didn't, either something is really broken with your system, or, more likely, you're not being exact in your problem description.

Can you create a text file, called test.txt containing at least 100 lines of text, and try running something like:

    more < test.txt

If that command fails, you have some basic failure of the shell that will probably necessitate someone familiar with issues on Windows looking at the machine.  I suspect debugging will be a fruitless endeavor, as we're probably missing something that to a subject matter expert would be obvious, but you're ignoring it because its something of unknown importance to you.